Impact of a 15-month multi-channel continuous distribution pilot on ITN ownership and access in Eastern Region, Ghana

Celine Zegers de Beyl, Angela Acosta, April Monroe, Felix Nyanor-Fosu, Joshua Kweku Ofori, Obed Asamoah, Prince Owusu, Sureyya Hornston, Lilia Gerberg, Megan Fotheringham, Albert Kilian, and Hannah Koenker

Malaria Journal 2018,  17: 124

Insecticide-treated nets are a key intervention for malaria prevention. While mass distribution can rapidly scale up ITN coverage, multiple channels may be needed to sustain high levels of ITN access and ownership. In Ghana’s Eastern Region, a continuous ITN distribution pilot, started in October 2012, 18–24 months after a mass campaign. The pilot distributed ITNs through antenatal care services (ANC), child welfare clinic services (CWC) through the Expanded Programme on Immunization, and to students in two classes of primary schools. ITN ownership and access were evaluated through two cross-sectional surveys, conducted at baseline in April 2012, 11–15 months after the mass campaign, and at endline in December 2013, after 1 year of continuous distribution. The results and conclusions in this study lead to scale-up of this strategy to a national level in Ghana.

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