The President’s Malaria Initiative has tasked VectorWorks with monitoring new and alternative vector control options that may become ready for scale-up. These options may include synergistic and combination ITNs, durable wall liners, spatial repellents, and other tools to manage pyrethroid resistance or provide alternative mechanisms to reduce vector-host contact, where indoor residual spraying and ITNs are not sufficient. Many of these options address outdoor biting malaria vectors, or provide protection for susceptible populations including forest workers and nighttime workers, among others.

VectorWorks has produced a landscaping report that provides an overview of potential tools, their mechanisms of action, current status in research and development, and potential for widespread implementation within the five-year project lifespan.

Going forward, we will issue quarterly research updates to keep PMI and its partners apprised of published literature related to potential alternative tools for vector control. For more information, access all the Vector Control Updates.

desi kahani