ImplementationVectorWorks provides technical assistance for implementation of ITN distribution and for alternative vector control tools. We strongly support a mixed-methods approach to ITN distribution. The exact configuration of ITN distribution systems depends on local circumstances and the country context. Depending on the current level of household ownership of nets, a strong strategy may include mass distribution to scale up rapidly to universal coverage coupled with a continuous distribution system to sustain high coverage. Public-sector distribution via health facilities for pregnant women and young children is a crucial component of any ITN strategy.

VectorWorks strengthens distribution networks to improve access, even for the most remote households. VectorWorks helps identify clear roles for public and non-public sector partners such as the private sector and faith-based organizations.VectorWorks’ partners provide training where needed to break bottlenecks, strengthen supply chains and community reporting mechanisms for management monitoring, and identify subsidy opportunities for expanded private-sector roles where appropriate.

We apply world-class competencies in logistics and supply chain management to ensure the timely supply of nets, storage and subsequent delivery through robust channels to the community and household.

The project has developed a comprehensive suite of tools for ITN distribution, which is available in the Resources section of our website.

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