New Videos Highlight VectorWorks Impact on Insecticide-Treated Net Distribution in Tanzania

A motor bike drives by on a dirt road, while an aerial shot pans out to see a rural health clinic in Tanzania. A narrator speaks: “There are people who spend their time working hands-on in the fight against malaria. You can find them in research labs and health care facilities. You can also find them in schools. To protect Tanzanian families and communities from malaria, school children and health care workers have become primary drivers for insecticide-treated nets for malaria prevention efforts.”

This scene is from a new video from VectorWorks focused on Tanzania and insecticide-treated net (ITN) distribution. Tanzania is unique in its adoption of country-wide school-based ITN distribution, in addition to distribution through the health facilities. VectorWorks has worked with the Government of Tanzania to maintain a successful continuous ITN distribution model that helps sustain universal coverage.

The video centers on the different champions in the fight against malaria in Tanzania: the new mother, the student, the health worker, and the logistics officer. These people are the archetypes of who VectorWorks and the Government of Tanzania are working with to prevent malaria. Last year alone, VectorWorks and the Government of Tanzania were able to distribute more than 3 million ITNs through schools and 500,000 to pregnant women and children under 1 year of age.

The ITNs distributed at schools and in health facilities ensure that the most vulnerable populations (pregnant women and children) are covered. In addition, they provide coverage for those in the household who did not receive an ITN during a mass campaign.

Asia Idd, a student from Buhigwe, Tanzania, explains the excitement in her household when she brought home an ITN, “We received the nets last week and when I took mine home my parents received me with great joy and excitement and they immediately set it up. Ever since we received the nets, we’ve made it a point to sleep under the nets, as a family, to protect ourselves against malaria.”

The video shows the amazing beauty of Tanzania and the characters that help reduce the malaria burden. The narrator concludes, “The threat of malaria remains, but through these continuous efforts, strong partnerships, and innovative ideas, the future of malaria control in Tanzania is looking brighter than ever.”

View the entire video here. Look closer at each champion with these great shorts:

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