Looking Towards the New Year and Reflecting on the Past

© 2015 Vector Works/Mark Bashagi, Courtesy of PhotoshareThe VectorWorks project just started our second year in October and we are so pleased at all the amazing work that the project has completed. In addition to our two large projects in Tanzania and Ghana, VectorWorks is continually adding to our portfolio with new countries and activities in an effort to reduce the burden of malaria.

Building on the work of the NetWorks project, VectorWorks is working to test and improve mechanisms for delivering insecticide treated nets (ITNs) at a scale to reach and sustain universal coverage and to promote their consistent use.

Over the first year of the project we had many noteworthy achievements; here are some of those highlights:

In the next year, we look forward to continuing our work throughout the world on ITN durability monitoring, school distribution, and much more.

Happy New Year!

desi kahani