TanzaniaVectorWorks is collaborating with the Tanzania National Malaria Control Program (NMCP), PMI, and other stakeholders to implement the third round of a pilot project to distribute ITNs through schools in three southern regions of the country in 2015.  This pilot project is helping inform the NMCP on how schools can be an effective continuous distribution channel nationwide and contribute to maintaining universal coverage of ITNs. In 2015, VectorWorks will distribute approximately 500,000 ITNs to students enrolled in over 2,300 schools in three regions. Monitoring and supervision will play a key role in assessing the potential for scale-up of this channel.

For more information on our work in Tanzania, take a look at the VectorWorks Tanzania Fact Sheet.

Contact: Ato Selby, VectorWorks Field Operations Director – ato.selby@jhu.edu

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