VectorWorks, in conjunction with the National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP), is conducting ITN durability monitoring in Ebonyi, Oyo, and Zamfara states in Nigeria.  All ITNs being monitored were distributed during a 2015 mass campaign and are being followed for 36 months post-campaign. ITNs are to be assessed for insecticidal and physical durability at baseline (within 6 months post campaign), 12, 24, and 36 months. VectorWorks has collected follow-up data through 24 months from Ebonyi and Zamfara and 12 months from Oyo. Bioassays were used to determine ITN insecticide effectiveness. The primary goal of durability monitoring is to provide the NMCP and implementing partners with data on ITN longevity that can be used to guide future ITN distribution strategies. VectorWorks has worked closely with the NMCP, and are aiming to provide the NMCP with the tools necessary to conduct future ITN durability monitoring locally.

Contact: Sean Blaufuss, Program Officer –


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