In Kenya, the VectorWorks project’s priority objectives, guided by PMI Kenya, are to provide technical support to the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) and implementing partners in developing an informed ITN strategy to reach populations in malaria-endemic counties. VectorWorks aided in reviewing documents on Kenya’s ITN coverage strategies, and Kenya piloted and implemented multiple channels for ITN distribution. In addition to the piloting of community-based ITN distribution and social marketing programs, health-facility based ITN distribution persists through antenatal clinics and immunization programs. Between November and December 2016, VectorWorks conducted a field assessment to gauge the feasibility of new and existing ITN distribution methods. VectorWorks developed a guidelines document for the implementation of ITN distribution in Kenya, which was shared in Year Three and approved in Year Four. VectorWorks is working with Tropical Health and a local research firm to monitor the durability of ITNs distributed in 2017 in Busia and Kwale counties. They will examine physical durability and utilize bioassays to determine insecticide integrity. The final study protocol and IRB approval is in the works.

Contact: Andrea Brown, VectorWorks Senior Program Officer –

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