VectorWorks has partnered with the National Malaria Control Program of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Tropical Health, to conduct ITN durability monitoring in the DRC.  A cohort of ITNs distributed in a 2015 mass campaign are followed for 36 months post-campaign and assessed for physical and insecticidal integrity at regular intervals. Tropical Health, along with Kinshasa School of Public Health, completed baseline data collection in October 2016. Fieldwork and data collection for the 12-month follow-up was finished in August 2017. The 24-month follow up began in late April 2018. At every follow-up, additional ITNs from each monitoring site are tested to determine insecticidal effectiveness through bioassay. VectorWorks aims to provide the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) and implementing partners with valuable information that will help guide future ITN distribution in the DRC.  The NMCP has been involved in planning since protocol development, and VectorWorks is aiming to build capacity of the NMCP that will allow for ITN durability monitoring to be conducted locally in the future.

Contact: Sean Blaufuss, Program Officer –

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