At Effiduase health centre there is a PNC clinic where children are brought for their vaccines, check ups including weight and height, and distribution of LLINs.


VectorWorks will use a cyclical process to achieve PMI objectives, whereby operations research informs and drives improved implementation and updated policies. Those policies in turn improve implementation and implementation experience highlights further operations research needs. Context-specific variables such as epidemiology, resources, operational feasibility, ITN durability, net culture, as well as vector resistance and behavior will guide our strategies.
VectorWorks has three components: Policy; Monitoring, Evaluation, and Operational Research; and Implementation. Our activities in each component are highlighted below.


  • Increase efficiency of net distribution through targeted continuous distribution approaches to sustain Universal Coverage of ITNs
  • Build evidence on costs of ITN distribution options
  • Facilitate policy for PMI-approved vector control tools
  • Improve global information-sharing in the ITN field

Monitoring, Evaluation and Operational Research

  • Develop or refine methodologies to strengthen routine monitoring systems
  • Develop standards for durability monitoring and testing
  • Evaluate ITN distribution methods and channels
  • Apply tools such as NetCALC and cost analyses for improved planning
  • Explore methods for strengthening ITN ownership and use across different transmission strata, and in combinations


VectorWorks will strengthen country capacity for managing comprehensive combinations of complementary, evidence-based vector management interventions to achieve maximum impact in specific local contexts. These interventions will be informed by our policy and operations research work, and will feed field-based experience and issues back to our other two work components for research and action.

  • Implement ITN distribution, through campaign, ANC/EPI delivery and other continuous distribution channels, such as school-based distribution and subsidized sales
  • Strengthen supply chains
  • Assess and assist with waste disposal issues
  • Conduct advocacy and strategic behavior change communication, including engaging private-sector corporate partners
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