ITN Access and Use

ITN Use and Access Report Cover Image

This report presents four indicators related to use of insecticide treated nets (ITNs); individual access to ITN within the household, individual use of ITN the previous night, household ownership of at least one ITN, and the use:access ratio. All indicators were calculated using available national DHS, MIS and MICS data. To explain the variations in access and use, data for each country was stratified by region, urban/rural status, wealth quintile, and whether households received IRS.

Brief observations and programmatic recommendations are made for each country. Topline findings for the PMI Focus countries are presented. A Stata do-file is included as an annex.


[PowerPoint] Annex: ITN-Access-Use-Maps-2017-11-06 (7MB)


2018-01-5: Added Liberia 2016 MIS

2017-11-6: Added Sierra Leone 2016 and reorganized PMI-focus country section to include the new PMI focus-countries (Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Niger, Sierra Leone). Added updated maps annex.

2017-9-13: Added Ethiopia 2015 MIS, Senegal 2016 DHS, Cameroon 2014 MICS, Guinea-Bissau 2014 MICS, and Sao Tome & Principe 2014 MICS

2017-8-3: Added Angola 2015-16 DHS and Ghana 2016 MIS. Updated wealth quintiles for Angola 2011 and Guinea 2012 following DHS publications of corrected datasets. Added Stata do-file in Annex 1.

2017-4-21: Added Myanmar 2015-16 DHS; updated all maps with latest data

2017-3-15: Added Madagascar 2016 MIS and Malawi 2015-16 DHS

2017-1-31: Added Tanzania 2015-16 DHS; Senegal 2015 continuous DHS

2016-12-13: Added Rwanda 2014-15 DHS and Zimbabwe 2015 DHS; global mean and median results pre and post 2010.

2016-11-7: Added Nigeria 2015 MIS

2016-10-1: Added Mali 2015 MIS

2016-9-13: Added Chad 2014-15 DHS.

2016-8-17: Uploaded maps for each PMI country showing regional use:access ratios for the latest survey, with comments from the report in notes. These slides can be used by program planners.

2016-5-24: Added non PMI-Focus countries and additional MICS surveys; updated previous MICS survey results

2016-4-6: Added Kenya 2015 MIS results

2016-3-31: Updated survey funding language for Ethiopia

2016-3-21: Updated with additional country data, added IRS stratification, added topline observations across countries.